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SWIL was a short lived, yet energetic band formed in early 03' and parted ways unceremoniously almost 3 years to the day. Very young and naive, SWIL set out to try to make a name in Portland. Without experience and discipline, there were at times mistakes in their live performances…although often dismissed by most fans and patrons of venues due to the charismatic live frenzy that SWIL would throw at you.

SWIL is capable of nice soft love ballads, straight up punk rock, as well as even teasing hardcore & thrash - SWIL
LOVED to come at you from a new angle with each and every song they would write. Hopefully you will enjoy SWIL’s basement recordings, and might remember a show or two you might have attended back in the day or even the current SWIL 2.0.

This site is a testimony to one of the best & at times admittedly worst bands Portland had to offer early this millennium…now welcoming a new age, all the while keeping with the roots of experimentation and guitar driven rock. We strive to bring energy and the resolve to be our best at every show we play!

SWIL is back and we are ready to rock this town!!

We look forward to seeing you at a
future show!

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