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I was born into a musical family, of sorts…

My grandfather was a good pianist even after he went blind. My mother is musically inclined as well as are several cousins on both sides of my family, so it was no surprise to anyone when I started plucking away on several family organs from the moment I could reach the keys.  

My uncle, another decent musician who played the guitar quite well, bought me a guitar and 4 lessons when I was 8 years old. 

Django Unchained??

I will never forget practicing Greenleaf over and over and over. As soon as I entered the 5th grade, I joined the band in school and chose the trombone. 

I always did and still do love the way you can manipulate notes with a slide. I stuck with that all through school and won the Phev Pratt music award my senior year along with one other bandmate. 


All through high school I was creating little ditties with a used synth I bought off of another band mate.  I hadn't realized I could sing yet, but I sure loved being able to record a few different tracks to create a fuller band sound.  From that moment on I was hooked on creating and recording music.


After I graduated in 91, I moved up to Kent, Wa. a suburb of Seattle, where the music scene was still exploding and was able to attend many good concerts.  

I was working for a newspaper sales team when I met Modesto Gonzales, who played guitar.  We started getting together, him with his electric guitar and me with my synth, and we would write short songs and try to play songs like Pearl Jam's Black."  

It wasn't long before I traded in the synth for a bass and we found Mason Riley, an extremely talented musician, who fill the drum position.  We formed the first band I was in. We called ourselves Melanoma and we were a wreck!


Melanoma had no snare, shitty equipment and with a thin ass sound that was almost shrill, but Seattle was hopping, so we played some good shows before calling it quits.  I then moved to New York for a few years…

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...and pulled away from music to focus on a relationship. that. didnt. pan. out.


So, I moved back to Portland.

Not long after coming back to my hometown, I met the Kilgores, and SWIL was formed. It took us all of two shows to realize we were missing a vital piece to the puzzle and so the search for a lead guitar player was on.  After a while we found MrSamson and it was perfect... for a while.  SWIL rocked for a few years, but then we imploded.


All the while in New York, and through SWIL, I had been collecting gear and doing solo recording, but it wasn't until I purchased Pro Tools, that my solo stuff really started taking off.  

I spent a while learning Pro Tools and busting ass at my job; after a few years was able to buy a home.

Next, I joined the Hookmeisters for a while, but that was short-lived, then a couple of members moved east for opportunities they couldn't pass up.


I moved on to The Dog Tribe,  a really good band with a lot of talent, but, again, not everyone on the same page,  so it was also short-lived. 

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I bounced around a bit, looking for a band, and joined Fallen Intent for awhile- also great guys -but the music was too heavy for me and I needed something else.

Then I ran into MrSamson and Bill at a club one night and we started jammin'. 

SWIL was back!!!!


SWIL is my passion because we all allow each other a lot of creative freedom.  I can let loose in SWIL like I've have never been able to do in any other band... and I NEED to be able to let loose. 


Eventually, Modesto took over on the bass, Bill quit and we found Holmes, and now the band is truly complete, with everyone on the same page in all aspects.  We are a true family that I feel proud to support and be a part of.  

SWIL is still in its infancy and I cant wait for what's in store for us in the next couple of years. 


Thanks for taking the time to read about me and I hope you now have a feeling of where I come from. I'll try to update this as often as possible...keep checking back for new information!


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Orion Bailey

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Rockin’ the Skamania County Fair August 16th, 2014

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A call to arms at the Skamania County Fair August 16th, 2014