Tonic Lounge - October 31st, 2014 SHOW REVIEW

ash st 9-20

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Jon Davidson



Photo Oct 31, 8 53 29 PM

Totally 80sawesome!

I want to use this website to openly apologize for missing your set!  Although I was able to establish a disturbing affect with my makeup and corresponding application, I had to miss your set to create this EPIC Kat in the Hat costume.  

But I did kill it...

Our paths will cross again most likely.  I heard great things so good job!

~Costume Contest~

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Comedy of Terrors

Emerald City delights in the night

Great sound! Just look at the intensity!

The boyz in the hood are always hard

This is a pretty good band out of Seattle, WA.  I would check them out if you can get a chance and can support.  But like always, don’t take my word for it!  Follow the links and see for yourself via my self-education program rooted in good ol’ propoganda!  Look for SWIL to do a show with our friend that is Comedy of Terrors in the Seattle area - we just need to continue to sharpen the sword!

Thanks guys for the great set!

The Punctuals

IMG 4675

Emotionz run hot in the night

We had been looking forward to playing with these guys for some time.  They did bring the peeps to support their set. **  

Photo Oct 31, 10 42 25 PM

The village people - love it!

Photo Oct 31, 10 42 55 PM

The PUNKtuals dont monkey around!

Photo Oct 31, 10 42 59 PM

They put on a great, energetic show with a twist of punk, rawness, and fun energy!  The cover of YMCA and having band in costume in tandem to boot was awesome.

The Punctuals are obviously another talented band rooted in:

A) Rock n’ Roll

B) Emotions

C) Punkz

D) Drinkers (Potentially even Rainier…)




When booking with The Punctuals - assume they can bring a crowd!  Most of their crowd arrived early and thankfully the Seattle band was before them and got some exposure.  Unfortunately the band and their fans left the stage area promptly after their set.  We thought it might be relevant to Halloween, however my well placed sources in the scene say there is a precedent.  Ironically shortly thereafter this ‘party bus’ dropped quite a few people offand that was enough to get things wild.  At any rate…for the purposes of music exposure and propaganda - CHECK THEM OUT!  Ass always - never take my word for anything except an invitation to support local-yokal music yourself!

"100 Milez and RUNNIN"


IMG 4681

A catin a hat…concerned about YOUR dental coverage

IMG 4694

Slash approved of what SWIL did with the 10-year incubation

IMG 0621

Obviously SWIL material

nflash e0

And in other random news….

Halloween was a fun, fun show.  Quite frankly a ‘bucket list’ type of show for The Samdawg personally.  I mean Seriously:

#454876:  Play in a rock band, backing vocals with some lead vocals, playing lead guitar on a Fender Stratocaster (single-coiled luv-mashine #9) in a Cat in the Hat suit!


Ultimately though the Halloween show may have allowed SWIL to blow off some much needed steam.  The picture above is of the NEW and ultimately improved SWIL HQ.  SWIL HQ has moved to a basement somewhere in Portland, Oregon.  We are setting up the studio daily, and YES some days there is more progress then others, but we put a hole in the wall for the soundroom as can be seen…busy, busy, busy.  So, in one way there was a lot of stressful change and transitioning for SWIL in October but at the same time the pent up emotions resulted in a pretty energetic and cohesive show at The Tonic on Halloween.

IMG 4716

Saw this dog fountain the other day in D-town PDX.  I wish I could have seen my own face - I was so surprised!  All this time I thought these fountains were for humans but ALASS they are for canines.

IMG 4648

Even though it was plastic, this beer sign was really cool.

IMG 4618

This is my latest Craigslist find.  1987 Honda Accord HATCH!  I mean…it’s not the sexiest thing until you do the math for what it is costing me to drive ultimately…but really I bought this car to be my rat-rodder.  I mean, the pope has his own car…referred to respectfully as the ‘Pope-mobile’ - so now when I take my dog everywhere in this thing I refer to it as the ‘Mutt-mobile.'

IMG 4636

Then I picked up some wheels that matched the stock size - but off of an early 90’s del Sol.

IMG 4579

The Weber carburator I installed in my 87 hatch on the left.  Many moons ago I picked it up for close to $300 I think new.  Well - went to Pick n’ Pull in FULL VULTURE MODE and I found this carb on the right in the bone yard for….$35 bucks!  So - I guess I need to find another 3rd gen. accord to do the carb swap

What do you do for a hobby? Watch TV!?  Although network news is another source of propoganda…this is the evil source of evil-intent kindBEWARE!,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNEeDEtfcCyNvI_6zIUIZn5jmRwbMw&ust=1416846380597788

Pentagons endless-war threatened by home-grown terrorist!